Thursday, November 12, 2009

Where did October go?

I just noticed that I had no posts for the month of October. Well, chalk it up to my new employment status... Call it luck, call it fate, call it Bush's legacy, but the Painted Man has recently joined the ranks of millions of gainfully unemployed Americans. I say 'gainfully' because I am (as many others are) now working from home as a freelance designer. More time with my son and more space to be creative... Right?

The Painted Man in 'Baby sitter? What baby sitter?'

It's bound to happen if your skin color is different than your child's... You'll be in the park or playground and a nanny will approach you and ask how long you've been 'nannying' for 'the family'. Or in my case, the caregiver might assume that your wife is actually your child's nanny... This'll be the next strip on Swirl (the final will have a few edits).

Chapter 6 ( a lot of pages...closer to the end)

Painted Man on SWIRL #2

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